#UbuntuOne added to #Thunderbird Filelink

When you’re emailing files, photos and documents to friends, family and colleagues, attaching those files can often be inconvenient for you and for the people you’re sending them to. A common problem when sending and receiving email is that many email servers don’t accept messages with large file attachments. You may be able to send a message with a large attachment but the receiving mail server might refuse to accept it.

To solve these issues in June Mozilla Thunderbird added the Filelink feature. Today Thunderbird and the Ubuntu One team are pleased to tell you that we’ve added support for Ubuntu One in Filelink.This means that when you attach a large file to an email, that attachment is replaced with a link to the file in your Ubuntu One personal cloud.

That way, your friends and colleagues can access your content directly from Ubuntu One. Making it quicker and easier to forward on your files and documents to other people, and send files of any size even if the recipient’s email provider can’t handle large attachments.

The Ubuntu One Filelink feature is available in Thuderbird’s latest release out today and shortly available on Ubuntu through Ubuntu Software Center.

Via @Canonical

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