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“Ubuntu for a Child ” Bucaramanga – CUSOL

by Jhosman on 20 enero, 2013

Today, Saturday January 19, the community CUSOL-UIS city of Bucaramanga, with the support of the Foundation Chaplin and the company of a priest of the Lutheran Church in the region, presented in New Citadel neighborhood Giron (Giron – Santander) on a desktop computer with Ubuntu installed. 

The delivery was made to Edward, a seventh grade child with disabilities in their lower extremities and with low income, who has been an example of life and improvement in the community. 

The computer equipment was donated by the Foundation Chaplin and CUSOL undertook repair and leave it in top working condition so that Edward could perform basic tasks school. 

A delivery attended, Cesar Vera, Chaplin Foundation, the Father of the Lutheran Church, and Community CUSOL, Martin Alonso Parra, Rafael Laverde, Yesenia Farelo and Nury Farelo. 

Thank on behalf of the community support and collaboration of organizations and individuals who contributed to this first installment of Ubuntu for Child and hopefully get more equipment to donate to more children in the city. 

To view all photos, click on the following link:


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