Call for #Ubuntu 12.10 Wallpapers


This is a call that is made to all those who are passionate about photography and art! The vision for this search delivered to your wallpapers (to be 10) people who are interested in participating should upload your work to Flirck group [1] content is licensed under Creative Commons [2] and the person who wishes to participate can only upload a picture and having little idea of the work we send, are requested quality images but not much. The guide will continue to select images for Ubuntu 12.10 will be the following:

  1. Images shouldn’t be busy and filled with too many shapes and colours, a similar tone throughout is a good rule of thumb
  2. They should have a single point of focus, a single area that draws the eye in
  3. We should avoid having anything on the left and top edges as this will clash with the interface elements of the Launcher and Panel
  4. Try your image at different aspect ratios to make sure something important isn’t cropped out on smaller/ larger screens

Entries must be sent to the August 28, 2012 at 5PM (GTM) are 4 days but someone from the community or from the list may have your work if you want to contribute your bit for the development of Ubuntu and provide a public meeting via IRC in # 1210wallpaper on freenode.

The person submitting their work on behalf of the community can reply this thread with the URL of your work on Flickr or leave a message on any of our social networks [3] to whether the case may be elected to give recognition to the community in general.

[1][email protected]/




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