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FLISoL is the biggest event for the dissemination of Free Software in Latin America in which more than 20 countries together around 240 events recorded for this 2015. In Bogota part will take place in the Salón Presidente of IDRD (Calle 63 No. 59A- 06) from 9 a. m. Saturday June 27 this year with free entry.

The Latin American Festival of Installation of Free Software is designed for students, academics, businessmen, workers, civil servants, enthusiasts and the general public to raise awareness of our philosophy, scope, progress and development around Free Software, and share these citizens using ICT freedoms and opportunities that this provides.

In Colombia this Festival has been held since 2005 in Bogota, Buenaventura, Neiva, Villavicencio, Popayan, Cali, Cucuta, among other cities and departments.

The event is organized by various local communities of Free Software and developed simultaneously with events in which it is installed for free and completely legal free software in computers that carry the audience. Artistic, academic, business and social: In addition and in parallel, lectures, presentations and workshops on local, national and Latin American themed around this type of software, the full range of expression are offered.

Academics and invited spaces are achieved cooperatively and that is why we have experts in areas of software, ICT, Culture Free and experiences of citizen initiative. Added to that, this year will achieve to have a space to the progress of the district administration in the field of free software that has been implemented.

Organizers, sponsors and support!


In Bogota the Festival is a citizen initiative organized by people, projects, communities, institutions, universities and business users, developers and / or beneficiaries of free software and free culture, which mostly are located in Bogota; who provide physical, monetary and / or professionals for its implementation through a collaborative and voluntary exercise that makes this large-scale event resources.

It manifests from an organized group, who voluntarily take responsibility for the management and organization of the same. District through entities such as the High Council ICT, Recreation and Sports Institute – IDRD, Secretary of Government, the ETB, Ministry of Education, the National Learning Service SENA and others have contributed and supported this citizen initiative the framework of public policies that today enable the development, use and implementation of Free Software in capital.

All Festival information is on the website: www.flisolbogota.org and http://bogota.flisol.info/

Any additional information may be requested at the [email protected] mail or in our social networks Twitter:flisol_bogota or Facebook: Flisol Bogota

Press Contact

Andrea Martinez – Area broadcasting – [email protected] – Cel (0057) 314 2154294


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