Flisol Bogotá 2018

Flisol Bogota 2018

On April 28, we celebrated in the best way the Latin American Free Software Installation Festival (FLISoL) in Bogotá. FLISoL is the biggest event for the dissemination of Free Software in Latin America in which more than 20 countries together around 240 events recorded for this 2018 In Bogota part will take place in theFundación Tecnológica Autónoma de Bogotá FABA (Carrera 14 N° 80 – 35) from 9 a. m. Saturday April 28 this year with free entry. The Flisol Bogotá 2018, is one of the largest in Latin America with the largest number of attendees.

The Latin American Festival of Installation of Free Software is designed for students, academics, businessmen, workers, civil servants, enthusiasts and the general public to raise awareness of our philosophy, scope, progress and development around Free Software, and share these citizens using ICT freedoms and opportunities that this provides. In Colombia it is the 14th time it is held in Bogota since 2005.

On this occasion, the festival allowed us to observe that free culture, beyond being a space for the installation of software distributions, operating systems (Linux) or programs that promote the opening of the Internet and the empowerment of people with respect to technology, is a form to contribute and build societies.

There were more than 1,600 people who participated in more than 90 activities that included lectures, workshops, panels, spaces for children -FLISoL Kids-, a cinema of free culture, music, origami and much more.

We had two international speakers of whom we are very grateful to have shared this wonderful experience: Nuritzi Sanchez President, Board of Directors at GNOME Foundation; Founding Member, Ecosystem Team Manager at Endless and Jorge Luis Batista Automatic engineer, Cuban enthusiast of Open Street Map.

We greatly appreciate the support provided by the International Community of Ubuntu and also the Canonical team for making this possible, and we look forward to continue helping in Colombia more and more in the future.


We also had an installation area where the largest number of operating systems were Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 LTS


The stand of the Community Ubuntu Colombia:

All Festival information is on the website: www.flisolbogota.org and you can see the programation in: www.flisolbogota.org/programacion 

Any additional information may be requested at the [email protected] mail or in our social networks Twitter:flisol_bogota or Facebook: Flisol Bogota

Photos of the Event: https://www.flickr.com/search/?text=flisol%20bogota&sort=date-posted-desc

You can see All reactions of Twitter, photos and videos in:

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