Recruitment for the project for #ubuntuco #Gammers

Project that will maintain a large and constant activity in the world of free games, should organize Lan Party’s and tournaments online where all members of the community and beyond to participate, learn and share. Although games should be mostly free also possible developments supporting platform.

The main idea of this project is not only fun, it is also a world of spreading Ubuntu and Free Software through the games, suggesting they should be part of events held within the community.

Additionally should create guides / tutorials for installing, configuring, and tips to practice the different games, and very important that they have a lot of activity on the platforms support willing to help those who need it for any eventuality with a game.

Friday 11 of Junary 2013 to 19:00 hours
Saturday 12 of Junary  2013 to 10;00 hours

On the IRC channel #ubuntu-co-meeting en Freenode (

Wiki of Project:


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