Ambiance theme for #Empathy in #Ubuntu

Empathy is the instant messaging client that comes by default in the latest versions of Ubuntu, but personally, I like his style and design is very simple, but I found browsing GnomeLook to apply this theme in Empathy and give a better softness to our conversations.

Although compatible (according to author) with other IM clients, such as: amsn, pidgin, emesene, kopete, empathy and Instantbird


Extract the .tar.gz archive that you downloaded above and move the folder to:


If the folder does not exist, create


(Ambiance 1.8 for Empathy, Emesene and Pidgin)
(Ambiance 1.8 for Kopete)
(Ambiance 1.8 for Instantbird)


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    I know that this is not realizable, but it would be great if the black of the chat window could merge with the tab overview, etc, till the window title.

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      But all must go to their time I am sure you do!

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    I like the look, but that layout wastes a *huge* amount of space.


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