#Unity #Dash for #Amazon in #Ubuntu #Quantal

According to the explanation given by Mark Shuttleworth on integrating Amazon in # Ubuntu in order to find everything possible within the Quantal Dash already has its first samples and the latest version of Ubuntu already installed and running.

What do you think of this?

Please see this bug, in this Time not run Amazon 😛 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-terminal/+bug/1055766

I just checked the complement Amazon related shopping and apparently going to make purchases in Ubuntu One, many have already done, now I do not see the problem? I do not like the campaign against the new proposal being made. Ubuntu grows!


  1. Well, it seems fewer & fewer people use their critical mind nowadays, but I frankly think Unity and in particular the dash is utter nonsense.

    I tried, I tried HARD, I tried a lot, all versions. So did all my Linux-using friends. They all *hate* it and find it very annoying to browse through apps.

    The purpose of the dash seems to be : find / preview / launcher / buy / install everything from a single place. It seems the opposite of the Unix philisophy, and as far as I’m concerned, I have the feeling it does everything at the same time, in a very inconvenient way.

    Regarding Amazon. Frankly. Do we have so much money we constantly need to be informed about what is being sold on Amazon ?!?!

    What sense does it make to do everything via the dash, if you have to click multiple times to see enough results / filter them / etc. ? It would be much faster and much handier to open a specialzed app for each task.

    Well, this is my opinion, and I have the feeling, judging from what I read on omgubuntu, planet ubuntu, webupd8 etc., that I’m part of the minority. I wonder why.

    (please note I’m not an Ubuntu hater : I’ve supported Ubuntu for years, installed it everywhere, bought many apps, U1 accounts etc.)


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