Unity: Dash Gets a nice new feature #Ubuntu 12.10 #Unity Staging

A new feature to come to Unity in Ubuntu 12.10 via PPA Quantal Quetzal: Previews Dash for certain application in the new “previews” you will be able to right click on the applications or files to preview in the Dash, together with any additional information that depends on the item you select.

For example, click an application, shows a screenshot and user ratings, description and so on. If the application is not installed, there is also a button to install the board directly, without using in Ubuntu Software Center, if installed, you can start or uninstall it, as you wish:

If you click a music file or music album, Lens have an image of the album cover large and available tracks and options to play or display the Files in the folder:

Important: these “previews” are not in stable version Ubuntu12.10 and still lack a strong development. If you want to install it at your own risk

Clarification every $ is a line starts and ends where the next $

Apparently according to information I saw in Launchpad Chanelog already corrected several faults between them (which for me was the more critical the Unity panel) Installation mode is as follows

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:unity-team/staging
$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

~$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
Leyendo lista de paquetes… Hecho
Creando árbol de dependencias
Leyendo la información de estado… Hecho
Calculando la actualización… Listo
Se instalarán los siguientes paquetes NUEVOS:
  libunity-webapps0 unity-webapps-service
Se actualizarán los siguientes paquetes:
  bamfdaemon compiz compiz-core compiz-gnome compiz-plugins-default compiz-plugins-main-default compizconfig-settings-manager gir1.2-unity-5.0 libbamf3-0
  libcompizconfig0 libdecoration0 libnux-3.0-0 libnux-3.0-common libunity-core-6.0-5 libunity-protocol-p

Ready! that’s it! Unity Reboot session and enjoy!

Source: http://jhosman.com/es/documentacion-ubuntu/unity/265-unity-dash-obtiene-una-linda-y-nueva-caracter%C3%ADstica-ubuntu-12-10-unity-staging.html

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