What is the reason of this site?

Recently, as you all know I am part of the official Ubuntu community and have decided agregarmi blog with the Ubuntu documentation section for the Planet, where conditions for any website perteneza the planet are:

  1. Confidential Information
  2. Inappropriate Posts
  3. Language

As we all know my website online takes about five years where he has always handled the same subject and also included advertising as a result of this is that the website remains online, I have enough resources to cover these expenses. so that thanks to the traffic web hosting website, is that it was in line, do not get additional revenue if what many think. Although no part of the Wiki mentioned that information about it, is that many find annoying advertising, I also bothers me but I see no reason not to include it, if it is the only way in which my website is maintained .

With regard to language or language used to it, the wiki says:

As a rule of thumb, English should be considered the “lingua franca” of Planet Ubuntu. There are a number of language and locale specific Planets run by Ubuntu LoCo Teams, which are a great way for teams to get news out in their local language. However, the official Ubuntu Planet should attempt to use English where possible to reach the widest possible audience.

I’ve tried that publications do not mix, or at least generate publications in both languages management, English and Spanish. Thus thanks to an email I received from Dmitrijs Ledkovs I have decided to remove the original content of the RSS on Planet Ubuntu.


I notice that your feed was recently added to the Ubuntu Planet.

After checking https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PlanetUbuntu it seems to me that your posts are inappropriate for ubuntu planet:

1) Ubuntu planet is in English, your posts are in Spanish or Portugeese (am I not sure, but it’s not english)

2) Your blog appears to be of commercial intent (way too much advertisement, cannot see content after opening your site)

Please change your blog & language of posts, or remove your blog from Ubuntu planet. It is a platform to express opinion, not ads.

Thus things not to interfere with both mine and the community, I decided to create a blog in English and other content that will be posted here to appear on Planet Ubuntu, hope I have not annoyed or bothered someone with publications or the original blog, it was never the intention, but checking the RSS feeds included’ve seen several of them containing the same way and have advertising content in another language. Additionally I would categorize the content is in English and the one in Spanish but as I said I can not remove the advertising, which is what many find annoying, and if I withdraw my website may not continue next year.


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